Amina are the original invisible speaker company.

They produce high quality loudspeakers that fit directly into your wall,

ceiling or Joinery.

Why Invisible? 

Increasing demand for integrated lifestyle-technology combined with the associated ‘aesthetic-clutter’ that it brings has led to a rise in hidden technology solutions. With 30% of brain power dedicated to visual stimulus and only 2% dedicated to audio, it is clear that the way we ‘see’ the sound has a huge impact on the way we perceive it. By removing the aesthetic aspect, it allows complete focus on the audio art-form as it was intended


Amina IQ Series

The iQ Series is the ultimate in efficient design and functionality. Introduced to meet the needs of those who want invisible audio at an attractive price point, the iQ series offers more for less

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Amina Evolution Series

The Evolution Series takes sound quality to the next level. With optimised design and construction, this range makes no compromises for an all-out listening experience

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Amina Edge Series

The ultimate plaster up to invisible speaker sets a new standard at this price point

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Amina Bass Enhancers and Subwoofers

Product information for the ALF40 bass enhancer and AFL80 & ALF120 discrete subwoofers

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Amina Mobius Series

Building on the award-winning Evolution Series design, the Mobius Series pushes the sonic boundaries of what is possible with plaster-over loudspeaker technology

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Amina Accessories

Accessories for use with the installation of the Amina products in various wall types

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