Redline have been distributing Artison in the UK since 2002

Artison takes a giant leap forward in attaching high quality audio to video sources.

The result is superb audio performance with total visual integration. 

Artison AV Amplifier

AV amplifiers for use with the Artison range of products.

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Artison Studio Soundbars

Three channel soundbars available in 4 model options

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Artison LCR DualMono® Mk II Speakers

Suitable for a variety of applications, combing left, centre and right in 2 cabinets

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Artison Surround Speakers

High quality Monopole / Dipole surround speakers

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Nano Black 3-qtr.png

Artison RCC Nano 1 Subwoofer

The world's smallest high performance subwoofer. Measuring only 7.5" x 8" x 9" including feet and grilles

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Artison RCC 320 & 640 Subwoofers

Advanced In-Wall Subwoofers designed for Pre-construction or Retrofit installation

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Artison Accessories

For use with Artison's LCR DualMono® speaker range

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